DEAN (i/c), UCET

Dean Profile


             Welcome to University College of Engineering Tindivanam(UCET). We offer the best of a liberal intellectual and technological resources of a institution. UCET is uniquely positioned to educate the technological leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to site our engineering graduates to be project leaders, problem solvers, ethical citizens and a good communicators of a global community.
            UCET is a temple of learning to imagine logically, deal with insecurity and change, work with technology in a environmentally and socially accountable manner, communicate effectively and collaborate with other peer students, all within a supportive community In UCET, we are engineering our future—your future—building a community of creative problem-solvers devoted to issues in energy,sustainability, health care and the environment. To attain this goal, we are renewing our commitment to excellence through strategic focus on three key engineering enterprises: education, research and entrepreneurship. We plan to enlarge the college global reach, engagement and diversity with alumni and the community. In addition to the opportunities for research knowledges, our students also avail themselves of a huge array of curricular and extracurricular activities.
            This is a very significant time in history for those of us moving with educating the next generation of engineers. I encourage you to get involved and go behind our progress, as we effort to educate future leaders and put up a better future. First and foremost is the challenge to revitalize the engineering education enterprise so that it prepares students effectively for the changing workforce of future. This proposal will facilitate college leadership and faculty to leverage cross-disciplinary course prospects, pioneering technology for course delivery and student entrepreneurship programs.

Dean, UCET